Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The End of Our Milky Way

You know what happened without me really noticing? My son has stopped nursing. Usually he’ll crawl in bed in the morning and ask for milky (he’s only been nursing in the morning for the last year and a half or so. I never in a million years would have thought I’d nurse him for 3.5 years (or more precisely, 3 years, 9 months and 24 days). I remember when he was a newborn and the breastfeeding thing worked out (because it just doesn’t for some!) my goal was to reach a year. We did it! Then my goal was to reach 2 years, if he still seemed interested. We did it! At that point, if I can remember correctly, I thought we’d go for three years but not have any expectations. At 2.5 I think I started getting tired of it…not tired of the closeness but I just wasn’t producing as much as I had been and it felt like he was getting more comfort than nutrition at that point. I stopped nursing him before bed and he didn’t get milky (which is what he calls breast milk) at nap time at school, so I started to phase nap time milky out too and for the last year and a half or so he only breast fed in the morning; some mornings he didn’t even have any. It has been such a gradual transition. The last time he nursed was two Saturdays ago. He started and then quickly stopped and said matter of factly, “No more milky.” And then fell asleep at my side. When I woke up I squeezed my breast to see if it was all gone, some still squirted out but not like it did in his first 2.5 years. The following morning he crawled into bed and didn’t ask for milky but instead just snuggled in and fell asleep at my side. He hasn’t had milky for the rest of the week. I’m not really emotional about it but in writing this it has really hit me that he is truly separate from me. He doesn’t need his nutrition from me like he once did. He’s a big kid now! - O.K. now I’m emotional. - But I’m proud of me and him for breastfeeding for so long, for listening to our bodies, and for knowing when to stop drinking the milky because the milky’s all gone. Lucky for me he is still crawling into bed for morning snuggles. Thank goodness for that. I have a feeling that the snuggle transition will be more abrupt.

Here is a compilation of our  breastfeeding journey:

Friday, April 8, 2016

Bear Talk

The Bear's vocabulary surprises me on almost a daily basis. We were at the Co-op one day having hot cocoa and a mail lady walked in and he said, "There's the mail carrier." I think I need to start using the term mail carrier too. Another time when he was setting the table most of our forks, knives and spoons were in the dishwasher and he said, "Where is the silverware?" I didn't know he knew the word silverware. Just the other day I said something like, "That's a really big bear." And he responded, "It's enormous." What?! It's so much fun watching him sprout before my eyes.

When we got home from our long weekend in Sandpoint the Bear said, "I'm so hungry."
Papa: Yeah, we had a road trip and you had to watch for trucks and...
Bear: ...and diggers and planes and I had to sleeeeeep.


Bear (said matter-of-factly): We can make a pumpkin pie. Because it's almost Halloween. It's March.

Bear: Papa, guess what we're having for dinner?
Papa: What?
Bear: Hangubbers!
Papa: We aren't having those until you can pronounce it correctly.
Bear: You're just teasing me.
Papa: Ham
Bear: Ham
Papa: Burgers
Bear: Burgers
Papa: Hamburgers
Bear: Hangubbers!
Hahaha. This went on for minutes; it was very funny.

I don't wait for tomorrow when we unwrap the Easter eggs!
I don't wait = I cannot wait

Friday, March 11, 2016

Bear Talk

Bear: Do you know what kinds of weather I like?
Me: What?
Bear: Rain, cold, hot, warm.

He climbed in to our bed one morning and then pointed at the ceiling and said, "That's the ground." Then pointed at the ground and said, "That's the ceiling." I said, "So, are we sleeping on the ceiling?" He looked at me with a big smile and said, "Yes!"

One day I said that I was going to go outside to see what the weather felt like and the Bear said,
"I bet it's like, 40 degrees." When I came back inside I said, "I bet your right." I then looked at the temp on my phone and it said 43 degrees. I told him he was pretty much right. Ever since then he says things like, "It's so cold! It's like 40 degrees!" and then he has been requesting ice in his water bottle to make it feel like "40 degrees!"

While kneading the biscuit dough he said, "I'm giving the dough a massage."

Apparently I use the term, "Let's keep our eyes peeled", a lot. One day I said that I was looking for something and he said, "If you see it, let's peel on our eyes."

Papa serves him some pancakes and pours syrup and says, "Do you know any magic words?" He says, "Hot." We were thinking "please" may I have some syrup...

While about to watch a video he says, "I want to start from the end."
Me: Do you mean the beginning?
Bear: The beginning.

Bear: I know Kaiya's (his friend at school) mom's first name.
Me: What is it?
Bear: Mrs. Lowry

Me: What's my last name?
Bear: Kawamata
Me: What's my first name?
Bear: Mama
What's Tuka's first name?
Bear: Tuka

In fake tears he says, "I didn't want the cupcake! (After eating the entire cupcake.) I wanted a different dessert!" Nice try, son.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

Santa Wedding

Groom and Bride with Santa. Bear and Stelina in foreground.

My brother got married last December! He married an awesome lady with an amazing family!  They got married two days before Christmas so there was a definite Christmas theme. It was unique, unforgettable and lovely. 

Santa (who officiated the wedding also...but not in Santa gear) was absolutely phenomenal. Here he is singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer:
santa from erin kawamata on Vimeo.

The Bear was enthralled. We've never taken him for pictures to sit on Santa's lap...but this was an even cooler first encounter with St. Nick.

Handing out presents to all the kids at the wedding!

I adore this underbite of pleasure:

Friday, January 22, 2016

Bear Talk

Here he is helping bring gifts to the mama to be. It was hilarious. He was so determined.
Sometimes the Bear will show such interest in music and other times he'll have none at all. The day that David Bowie died the radio was playing Bowie songs all day long. As we pulled into our driveway at home Space Oddity came on. He said, "Mama, can you leave the car on so we can listen to the rest of this song?" I said, "Yes! But let's keep driving around." So I pulled out of our snowy driveway as the lyrics, "Ground control to Major Tom" began - I cried. Then we listened to the song as we drove around the neighborhood and looked at Christmas lights and I thought, there will be people born tomorrow who will not be alive at the same time that Bowie was alive. And then I glanced back at the Bear, oblivious to Bowie's death, playing the air drums in his car seat with a smile. The music lives on.


I had a Willie Nelson CD playing in the car one day and the song My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys came on. There is a lyric that says, "I burned up my childhood days." and the Bear immediately said, "Why did he say burned up my childhood?" And of course I didn't hear it so I played it back and talked to  him about the literal and the figurative in speech in the best toddler way I could. The song Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain also by Willie, came on another day and the lyric, "love is like a dyin' ember" played. The Bear again heard it and said, "Why did he say dying?" So I said, "Remember the other day when I was talking to you about metaphors?" Hahaha. Who knows if he understood but I again tried to explain it. I ended it by saying that I would always love him and he said, "I love all my family and friends and my friend's neighbors. I love everything! I love those people going to the grocery store!" Haha. Anyways, he is so good at listening whereas I almost never hear the lyrics but am more of a melody gal. Because of his questions I've started to pay attention to the lyrics which is fun.


One day he was playing with his mini skateboard (small enough for his lego guy to ride). He said, "Do you know what this skateboard guy's name is?"
Me: What?
Bear: Skateboard Guy.



Papa was telling him a bedtime story and he yells to me from his room, "I love you, Mama!" Then he points to Pops and says, "I love you!" and then, "I love me!" and finally, "I love that wall!"


Bear: When will spring be here? (The ground is covered in snow)
Me: Hopefully April but probably May...I miss the sun and the warmth.
Bear: I miss the dirt.

Of course.


I take a picture of him and afterwards he asks to see the picture. I show it to him and he snorts and says in a jolly way, "Oh, darn it." I asked why he said that and he said, "Because I love me."

If I could figure out how to bottle his confidence at take a dose of it on a daily basis!